Arkkitehtuura Oy has ceased operations.

Our main field of expertise is architecture, but we also offer services in construction engineering.

We operate mainly in southern and eastern Finland and the main export areas are Russia, Estonia and South Africa.

Our services

Arkkitehtuura offers a wide range of architectural services. Our staff consists of professionals from architecture to construction. The commitment to construction projects and quality results is the basis of our services.

Arkkitehtuura has several years' experience of architectural design, city planning, site development plan and the services that are included, such as principal designing. Our services cover planning all the way to product model based virtual design in accordance with ARK 2000. We use mainly AutoCAD and Archicad 3D as our engineering software.

We also offer services in engineering - interior air, building health and construction consultation.

Arkkitehtuura Oy